Jackpot eats at: Kawa Cafe

Hi all!

I love brunch because it always gives me an excuse to eat breakfast food or lunch food if I’m in the mood for it. I’m a big fan of pancakes, baked egg dishes, sourdough toast, muesli with fruit and yoghurt…so many choices! I still have so many places I want to go to on my breakfast/brunch list and would like to try as many brunch places as possible to see which one is better in comparison to others I have been to.

One of my favourite places to go to for breakfast/brunch is Kawa Cafe in Surry Hills. I have frequented this cafe on several occasions and have always been happy with the food I have eaten here. Kawa is a small cafe which is quite packed and crowded on the weekends so if you want to get a seat inside or outside you need to get to the cafe a bit earlier. The lines aren’t as crazy as Bills which is just down the road and while they don’t have any ricotta hotcakes or corn fritters, there are so many options to pick from such as the Vegan big breakfast which consists of: ripe avocado, roast pumpkin, slow roasted tomato with basil, sautéed mushrooms, homemade baked beans, hommus and toast or classics such as Eggs Benedict, french toast, porridge and much much more.

I have often had the 5 grain sourdough toast when I visit Kawa as I have a weakness for bread and like to indulge every so often on weekends for breakfast. I love all things sourdough but the grains and seeds in this bread really make the bread that much more nutritious to eat (at least that’s what I keep telling myself ;P)

On my previous visit to Kawa, I was feeling like a light brunch meal so I decided to order their home-made granola with stewed rhubarb and natural yoghurt. It was really good! Muesli/Granola is my usual go to food for breakfast and I loved the combination of the tart rhubarb with the yoghurt and the crunch of the granola which was studded with lots of dried fruit and nuts. This rhubarb was so memorable that I went home and tried to replicate the dish without the granola. I bought some fresh rhubarb from the markets and stewed it in a small saucepan with lemon and honey. It went very well with my low-fat plain yoghurt. I find myself doing this a lot whenever I come back from cafes and restaurants, I always seem to want to try to make their dishes but using healthier ingredients. Some have been met with success, others have been a bit of a miss but all in all I guess that’s the fun of baking and cooking – the whole experimenting and learning from your mistakes and doing better the next time round.

On our most recent visit here, I decided to have the omelette with shaved ham and mushroom. I usually ask the waiter to make it an egg white omelette. The omelette is served with a simple garden salad which is a light and refreshing side to the meal. This time when I had my egg white omelette however, I found it to be a bit more oily than what I have had previously. This was the only let down I found. Mr Muscles was feeling hungry so decided to order the Big Breakfast. He quickly demolished his whole plate clean and could not stop raving about how good the baked beans were and the fact that they were home-made.

Homemade granola with stewed rhubarb and natural yoghurt – from the specials board

Egg White Omelette with Ham and Mushroom served with a side of Garden Salad $15.50

Big Breakfast: Organic poached eggs served with balsamic roasted tomato, homemade baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, avocado and toast $16.50

Kawa Cafe

348 Crown Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010

Ph: (02) 9331 6811


Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

Till next time



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