JACKPOT makes: Homemade Steamed Taro Buns

Hello all!

I thought I’d share with you all my recent creation in the kitchen. The idea and inspiration for these steamed buns dates well back in time to when I was a little kid. I used to love all steamed buns (baos), mantous, and steamed cake and cupcakes as a kid that whenever I was treated to any of these delicious morsels of food, my eyes would light up immediately and I would always ensure that I savour each bit of food by breaking it apart into small pieces and eating each piece slowly. Growing up in an Indonesian household, steamed buns and cakes were quite the norm with mum always creating something new in the kitchen. As the years passed by, my love of all things to do with steamed buns and cakes continued to grow and blossom as I would often eye out all the asian bakeries to see what baked and steamed goodies they would have in their windows each day. This involved me frequenting Chinatown on the weekends with my family as I gawked at all the lovely cakes and desserts. As I grew older, I knew that I could not indulge as much in these cakes and desserts as my metabolism was not as great as when I was a kid who could eat literally anything, so instead, I stuck to just gawking and peering into the bakeries and cake shops to get my dessert fix in my mind.

Din Tai Fung which have many branches in World Square, Star City and Westfield Sydney do a taro bun which they hand make themselves from the bao dough to the taro paste. Often on my cheat days, I will go and purchase a steamed taro bun from here and devour it whole wishing it was slightly bigger and often wishing I had bought 2 or 3 more (yes…I am really that greedy with my dessert ;P).

I decided to see if I could make my own taro bun by making the dough from scratch and the taro paste from scratch as well. I used a basic bun (bao) dough recipe and made my own taro paste using taro that I steamed myself sweetened with honey and a bit of coconut oil to make a paste out of it. The flour that most places use to create these steamed buns is a Hong Kong bao flour (makes the bun white) however I did not have this in my pantry so settled with white spelt flour instead (hence why my buns look a bit more brown than white).

Home made Taro Paste

  • Steamed Taro
  • Organic Raw Honey
  • Water
  • Coconut Oil

Steamed Mashed Taro

cooking the taro paste

Cooking the Taro Paste 1

Home Made Taro Paste

Steamed Taro Buns

  • White Spelt Flour
  • Yeast
  • Baking Powder
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Coconut Oil

Flour & Yeast

Kneading the Dough 1

Kneading the Dough

Wrapped Dough

Risen Dough

Taro Paste

Making the buns


bun 1

Steamed Bun

Steamed Bun 1

Steamed Taro Buns

Inside of the bun

Inside of the taro bun

Steamed Taro Bun

And because I had left over dough and a bit of the taro paste left…I made a mega taro bun…alll for me…

Large Taro Bun

I was very happy with my first attempt at steamed buns. I will definitely try to make these again but with various other variations in the filling such as sweet potato, pumpkin, mung bean, red bean, lotus seed paste and black sesame. You could also probably change the dough skin to other flavours such as green tea, pandan or purple sweet potato. Can’t wait to try this again! I really liked that I knew what was being put into the dough and the paste. As much as most of the bakeries and cake shops display such lovely cakes and buns, I rarely know what ingredients they use to make their desserts so in this way, all the ingredients that I put in can be tweaked to what I like and how I like to make my food.

Until next time!



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