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JACKPOT eats at: CAFE MORSO, Pyrmont

Hello all!

It was such a nice day last sunday morning and despite the ever-increasing windy weather, it ended up turning into a lovely sunny day. With daylight saving in place now, I think we’ll get to enjoy more sunshine especially during the weekends.

I went to a brunch catch up session with Ms L, Mrs A and Mrs C at Cafe Morso on sunday. I have been to Cafe Morso a few times now and have always enjoyed the food there. The best part is that you also get to enjoy the weather and the nice views if you sit outside the cafe.

Unfortunately as I was coming down with the flu, I was not able to try more of their menu items this time around so I stuck with my usual dish that I order when I’m feeling like a light meal for brunch. I ordered the toasted muesli with fruit, yoghurt and honey and was not disappointed. They make their own muesli and I was tempted to buy some to bring home to eat but I showed some self-restraint and didn’t go through with it in the end. Ms L informed me that the orange pancakes with yoghurt, mixed berry compote and maple syrup is a must order menu item when you visit Cafe Morso however you will need to arrive at the cafe early to ensure they have it, as it is a very popular menu item. I will definitely be trying this on my next visit there as I love all things pancake. She even suggested I order pancakes with a side of bacon? Bacon and maple syrup? It’s an odd combination of sweet and savoury and I’ve never been one to mix my sweet and savoury always favouring sweet naturally as my first preference but she assured me that the combination works very well. Do any of you like mixing your sweet and savoury food together?

Ms L and Mrs C both ordered the french toast with pear compote, mascarpone and warm chocolate ganache and boy did it look scrumptious! Can’t go wrong with french toast and chocolate! They even cut the toast into a round cylinder differing from the normal traditional french toast you get at other places. I think this is another item I’m going to have to try next time I visit this cafe. And of course, Ms L ordered her french toast with a side of bacon. Mrs A on the other hand, ordered the smoked pork and gruyère risotto with poached egg and hollandaise sauce. It reminded me of a western style congee with egg. I wouldn’t have considered this a breakfast item and when Mrs A told Mrs C to order this for her, Mrs C and I were both confused wondering where this was on the breakfast menu but the combination of poached egg and hollandaise clearly ticks all the right boxes for a breakfast item.

After we were done with our meals and busy chatting away whilst soaking up the sun, Ms L and Mrs A felt thirsty so we all browsed through the drinks and dessert menu. Could we really fit in dessert after all that food? Although the dessert menu looked very tempting, we all decided to pass but Ms L and Mrs A both decided to both order a pineapple, mint and blueberry frappe. It looked really good and from what they told me, it was really refreshing on a nice and sunny day. What a great catch up. Looking forward to the next catchup soon with such lovely ladies!

Photos from the brunch:

House made toasted muesli with fruit, yoghurt and honey $14.00

Tea Craft silverleaf jasmine green tea $4.00

French toast, pear compote, mascarpone and warm chocolate ganache $16.00

 Smoked pork and gruyère risotto with poached egg and hollandaise sauce $18.00

Pineapple, mint and blueberry frappe 6.50

Cafe Morso

Ph: +61 2 9692 0111

Lower Deck (west side), Jones Bay Wharf,

Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm

Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm/drinks and coffee until 3pm

Till next time!



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